What is Minecraft Comes Alive?Edit

Starting out.... Edit

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You will spawn in with a crystal ball. right click on the floor with it and it will spawn you in a library room.

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Right, click on the enchanting table and then it will ask for your gender, the gender you prefer, and it will ask you if you Have a Family, Live Alone, live in a Village, or None of These.

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What can it spawn? Edit

Depending on your answer to the last question, it can spawn any of the following.

Have a Family Edit

It will spawn you in with a little nice house, and you will have a small family.

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Live Alone Edit

(Great for survival) It will spawn in a two-story house with a bed.

Live in a Village Edit

It will spawn a village with villagers in it that you can mingle with.

None of These Edit

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you will be transported back to your previous location with no changes to the world.


Find a priest and interact with them. The gender of the given baby is random.

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